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NUAIR Expertise an Asset to Growing Market of UAS Customers

The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) is a recognized industry leader in unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology, applications development and safety. The NUAIR Flight Operations Staff and its partners have the resources to meet a wide variety of customer requests. The staff includes experienced aviation professionals skilled in providing customers with a wide range of services from measuring a drone’s suitability for a safe flight (airworthiness), testing platforms and payloads, or helping research and development of UAS by working with NASA and the FAA.

NUAIR Flight Operations Staff can assist with small to large operations with different drone applications. Some customers need access to airspace and facilities while others need trained pilots for testing. NUAIR pilots are certified in quadcopters, fix winged and multi-rotor small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and have tested multiple platforms, radar, traffic management and search-and-rescue operations.

UAS software and hardware developers are seeking new ways to safely meet the customers’ drone needs by testing and conducting research. To continue the advancement of the UAS industry, the NUAIR Alliance is built on the strength of coalition partners that provide world-class resources and trained professionals.

Companies interested in growing within the UAS or related sectors should contact Mike Novakowski, director of business development for CenterState CEO, at mnovakowski@centerstateceo.com. For more information on UAS testing being conducted in New York, Massachusetts and Michigan, visit www.nuairalliance.org.

NUAIR Alliance Flight Operation Program pilots Cady Kepler, Philip Hofmann, Chuck Hereth and Eric Haines, fly a Lockheed Martin Indago II UAS to train on the newly acquired aircraft.