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University Hill Corporation

University Hill Corporation’s Annual Meeting Highlights Period of Transformation

Acting NYS Thruway Director and former State Transportation Commissioner Matt Driscoll was the keynote speaker at the University Hill Corporation’s annual meeting. He said the I-81 project is “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine Syracuse and Central New York for the next 75 years.” Driscoll also said, “This project is more than a bridge or a highway reconstruction project; it should be viewed as a land-use planning effort as well.”

University Hill Corporation President David Mankiewicz spoke of transformative development projects on the Hill in areas of research and development, employment, residential development and transportation. Projects underway or to be launched in 2018 represent a $500 million investment. Others projects, to be initiated before 2020 represent an additional $350 million.

Both Driscoll and Mankiewicz spoke of changes in transportation options, such as autonomous and electric vehicles, car-sharing and bus rapid transit that will radically impact mobility, reduce pollution and reduce traffic congestion.

About 320 business leaders, including representatives of University Hill, and elected officials, attended the meeting at Drumlins.

Matt Driscoll, acting NYS Thruway director and former state transportation commissioner, discusses I-81 at the University Hill Corporations’ annual meeting.