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Industry Leaders To Visit CNY To Explore NUSTAR Opportunity

Academic, government and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry leaders from across the country will meet at the Syracuse Center of Excellence this month to discuss plans to construct the NUSTAR (National Unmanned Aerial System Standardized Testing and Rating) facility. The NUSTAR advisory committee will inform the NUAIR Alliance on elements and partnerships needed to build a state-of-the-art facility that will accommodate testing for rapidly changing drone technology.

An artist’s rendering of the proposed NUSTAR facility.

NUSTAR calls for establishing a new testing center for drone safety, durability and cybersecurity based in Central New York and is part of a project to create a traffic control system for safe drone operation, known as Project U-SAFE (UAS Secure Autonomous Flight Environment). The center will offer independent performance and safety benchmark testing for drones and drone-related products, helping draw industries involved in the production and use of drones to Central New York.

As manufacturers continue to develop unmanned aircraft systems, the need for standardized safety tests will be vital to successful development and continual improvement of UAS products.  NUSTAR will offer credible and comprehensive standardized tests and scenarios to assure UAS performance, and provide ratings that assess UAS ability to meet recognized performance standards. This will allow for industries using UAS technologies to work more safely and productively in applications such as agriculture, industrial inspection, natural resource management, and parcel delivery.

Companies interested in growing within the UAS or related sectors should contact Mike Novakowski, director of business development for CenterState CEO, at mnovakowski@centerstateceo.com. For more information on UAS testing being conducted in New York, Massachusetts and Michigan, visit www.nuairalliance.org.